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shit to do

lava lamp
address book/stationery/pens/pencils

pants and shirts

play food

bikes from macon and traci; bike shop

kid scissors
stocking for mary

grade about 40 essays
ty, tuesday between 1 and 2

clean enough for xmas decorations
paper tree
laundry (kathleen)

mama got some damn clothes

ordered clothes for myself yesterday, the biggest clothes shopping spree in a very very long time:

these pants in black and brown:

this shirt in green:

in black:

in "espresso":

in black:

this is a "smocked gown," which comes in white, and which i intend to get mike to dye:

black dress:

brown dress:

9 items. $280 total. found a 15% "coupon" at google dot com!

Nov. 29th, 2006

my horoscope from freewillastrology.com:

(pisces) Why do cigarette-makers put ammonia in their product? For the same reason that drug addicts use ammonia to turn cocaine into crack: It helps render the nicotine and cocaine into a gas, making it easier for the lungs to absorb them, and dramatically amplifying the high. I hope you can find a healthy, legal, and metaphorical equivalent to this process in the coming weeks, Pisces. You have both a poetic license and an astrological mandate to squeeze at least three times more fun and insight out of every single thing you do. It's the Intensity Season.

the intensity season! squeeze at least three times more fun and insight! oh god!!! take me, make me yours. i am ready. make me willing. amen.

Jul. 29th, 2006

if bela isn't too deathly ill,

traci and i are going to see

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tonight!!! yay!!! it looks a little more serious than is my taste
for action adventure, but nothing is TOO SERIOUS when old TRACI is around!!!

[dear god please let it work out, i really NEED a movie!]
happy birthday to HEATHER, lovemookie's eight year old daughter!
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the LJ upgrade

i'm thinking about upgrading my lj for the userpics. is it worth it? how obnoxious are the ads? should i just keep the six and change them out with my desktop pics? what?


red shirt psych-out

went to target with the kids this morning.
(i bought:
heather's birthday presents
jack some underwear
jack an outfit
marcel some underwear
mary some onesies
me some diet dr. p
a popcorn and a coke to share when we were done),
and on the way i saw a couple cop cars hassling this black dude, who was standing with the cops in the middle of the street, in the "turn only" lane. he wearing a plain (and rather large) red t-shirt. and i had to slow down cause the cars in front of me did, which gave me some time to stare.

mmm, i thought, he's pretty fine. damn. but you could tell he wasn't looking too hot. his hair was all mussed up, medium length, pointing every which way. but it was real cute, too, but not cute, cause he was getting hassled by the 5.0, not a situation where you wanna look all like you just rolled outta bed (and very possibly smoked a bowl, right?). i felt it for him in a way that made me feel white guilt, like he would resent me for feeling it for him.

so all these thoughts happened while i drove slowly listening to country music with my kids and staring at this fine man. so he stuck out a little, for whatever reason.

but what psychs me out, okay?, is i get to target, and there's all these people wearing red shirts, naturally, right? cause that's that target uniform. but as i shop, i see people in red shirts and notice that they're not necessarily uniform shirts, and some don't have name tags, and they all seem to be accompanied by blue jeans, and who works here? and then i see a dude with a giant buggy full of shit, obviously to stock shelves not to buy, and he's wearing a plaid shirt and a name tag! oh god, who works here? (i am an imaginative person who plays these kinds of games in my head all the time.)

so i'm walking down an aisle and i see two black dudes, and oh my god, they are both wearing red t-shirts, but they have a hot ghetto look too, right, one is wearing a do-rag, and the other one? OH MY GOD! is that HIM? the dude getting hassled by the police? and i stare and stare, trying to tell if it's him, and i swear it is him. how i know is he looks kinda like the dude in that madonna video, "like a prayer" (my first black crush by the way). and then they see me staring and they stare back. and jack is in the front of the buggy, and mary is konked out in the back part of the buggy, and kathleen is pushing, and me and these two men stare at each other. and it was pyschadelic, man.

and then i kept seeing red shirts all over the place. it was crazy. totally crazy.