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I have a very complicated plot line, but if i could get away with it...mmm! i mean, seriously. but i need help with the logistics. i've read so much about vietnam, but i still can't exactly think of how to execute this.

two characters: nick and reilly, both soldiers in the same squad, reilly is squad leader over nick. reilly is wounded, spray of bullets through arm, he is in post op at the nearest base--right arm amputated just below shoulder. nick also in little hospital, only a superficial ass wound. so, they are together, and reilly, who is a beloved squad leader, who kept their asses alive for the most part, tells nick he's going AWOL and needs nick to help him with supplies, etc..

two maneuvers i have to do. nick has to collect all that stuff (i can do that) but also nick has to do it stealthily and somehow get it somewhere where reilly has

wait. reilly can stay INSIDE the perimeter, sneak out with his squad...

okay. okay. i was freaked because outside the perimeter of the basecamp is hard to work around. there was a lot of friendly fire, american gi's shot....

okay, allison's here gotta run, thank you writing god for that idea. amen.

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