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family profile: calvin and allison

"calvin and allison" is sometimes singular, a unit unto itself. calvin is my brother. allison is his girl. but they are the togetherest couple i have ever known. not a sit together and hold hands every second around people type of couple...they touch only here and there around me anyway. allison just graduate college and calvin is in grad school and they live student lives. now is "off time" and they got all this free time and they spend it all together.

they come over together. they smoke the same cigs (newport 100s, one of which i am smoking right this moment cause they left three over here, harsh man), they have the same keys on their rings, they share allison's purse. if calvin needs it, he says, "where's your purse?" but it's both theirs, they both flip through it the same amount! it's wild!

because they spend all their time together, they consult each other for every activity--mainly because they either do it or don't do it together. rarely do you see just calvin or just allison unless one of them is occupied with either class or work. but watch out, because then you got a wandering soul about you. it's like each is the tether for the other, and when you catch one of them alone, they got a whimsical look about them. it's because they're thinking of what the other might be doing right now.

on the other hand, allison went to europe for over three months last fall/winter...because calvin pushed her to go. she is grateful for his tenaciousness concerning the trip without which she doubts she would have gone. she was gone over thanksgiving! and trust me, calvin was a wandering soul. whoo, boy. he talked about her more when she was gone because she wasn't right there! a phone call from her was both the highlight (when the call began) and rock bottom (when it ended) of his week/day (she called much more often towards the very end). but calvin went on about his business, did well in school, etc. and they reunited afterward more in love than ever!

the attention they give each other reminds me of the attention i give my children. the knowing every second what they're up to, the dreaming and wishing for their lives and futures, the willingness to help however whenever, the day-to-day. it really is an interesting parallel.

calvin and allison love us--my family of five, me being at the top, at least for them!--best of all. perhaps one cannot plot emotion on a graph, but one could plot the number of visits and phone calls and holiday participations, etc. on a graph, and we are at the very top by far. in bright green. with mainly smiles on most dots.

lately i have been watching a lot (an awful lot) of CSI (and CSI:NY and CSI:Miami) on the internet. calvin and allison turned me onto it. and there's this hilarious way the people on the show talk that kills all three of us. it's mainly the NY and Miami guys that say the funniest shit. the david caruso miami guy always says the corniest shit. and just now i saw lieutenant dan gary siniese (sp?) say some joke about noah's ark. (dead guy was noah, a believer in the imminent apocolypse and he did have an ark in his back yard.) and i had the most fond feelings for calvin and allison and how they're there for me. shit, it's not even for me. it's with me. they're there with me through it. they're witnesses. their activism involves actively loving my family. they hear every tiny little detail about my everyday life with interest and love. i mean all the littlest bullshit, like what i swept up out from under the sofa today and shit like that. exactly how i spent the last twelve hours since last we spoke. etc. etc.

love is risky. love like that involves faith. so here's to calvin and allison, in the singular.



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Jul. 20th, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
I love you Kelly, and I'm so appreciative of the way you treat me like family. I definitely consider you family (even more than most of the people I'm related to by blood). Your kids and Marcel are important to me too, but I definitely see you as the mama-glue that holds both the Lundy and the McCullar family together. I'll try my best to help you see that you're never unappreciated.
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