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eight troops killed

eight troops were killed recently. eight more assholes dead! might versus right!

god, i hate this war. this stupid war. i mean, what the fuck are we DOING over there? this is too much like vietnam.

i'm finally writing the part of my novel where nick is in vietnam. (novel main char are nick and penny, brother and sister who basically leave home at ages 18 and 19 in 1968.) and suddenly, because i'm so into my main character, i see "troop" to mean "guy." i see troop to mean guy i love. i don't have anyone in the military that i love, except my main character. and you writer types should know, a writer loves her main characters in a very intimate and up close and personal way.

and now i'm pissed! i'm pissed at u.s. world involvement, how we act like democracy is worth fighting for when really we're the same as our european imperialistic ancestors from whom we gained independence two hundred and, gasp, thirty one years ago. we act as if we want to help other countries govern themselves when really we want them to govern themselves so that our (oil) interests are protected.

in the meantime, what about those marines over there? the soldiers in vietnam knew it was pointless. they knew even as they were humping in the jungle that they would never stop the north vietnamese from fighting. they knew it wouldn't work. and they were right, less than two years after our retreat (after over TEN years of interferrance) north vietnam took over saigon. and that was that. now the whole thing is communist. we didn't change a single goddam thing! except maybe to make our enemy that much more ruthless and trained to kill.

r.i.p. casualties from today's war. r.i.p. soldiers who will get sick years from now from exposure to new technology. r.i.p. KIAs from the vietnam war and then again now. may the military leaders remember those soldiers are NOT simply TROOPS but PEOPLE when they make their big decisions.


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Jul. 8th, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
I love the fact that you are worried enough about the outside world to write about it on your lj. It makes me feel like my posts are so inconsequential. I'm worrying about stupidity like stupid friends and you are trying to save the world.

I want to save the world too. I'll write a post soon on something outside the tiny sphere of Emily. And it will be good. PROMISE!

Have a great one!!! And make love not war!
Jul. 8th, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
the little world of emily/kelly
hey! look, i just ain't writing about "my stuff" cause i'm still sensitive from getting burned on lj. no shit. when i do write about me, lately, it's stuff that won't hurt my feelings if people get nuts. if people get nuts cause my period is heavy and gross and i wrote all about it, i could give a hell. parenting, on the other hand, if i get shit about that, i'll be really upset. so i don't write about my kids lately. for example.

besides, my awareness about today's troops ultimately IS about me and my wee little world...my novel that is. that's a literal "kelly world" there! ha!
Jul. 9th, 2007 02:24 am (UTC)
Re: the little world of emily/kelly
I would hope that you have purged your friends list from the negativity. I understand why you would be a little "gun shy" though. I still can't believe all that crap.

You are a wonderful momma kelly. I love whatever posts you give us, but you have definitely reminded me to come back to Earth.

For that and more, I thank you!

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